Recovery Day Six

Five days have gone by and you’ve been consistent in working on your recovery.

What have you noticed about yourself? How have you been feeling physically?.. mentally? What was easier for you this week? What was challenging? Who do you know is now on your team?

You might have a job, be in a local union, play in a team sport, a band or participate in creative arts program. What was that like? How did the people around you take to your decision in making new choices?

What was it that helped you get through the week?

I understand that this may seem like a lot and it is. The smallest change is going to yield great results for you. All you have to do is shift one or two degrees, maintain your position and as you go you’ll end up in a completely different place.

You may have written down pages and pages of thoughts and things that you want to do and change and make and that’s awesome!

Let’s focus on what we’re going to be doing day by day. Here I am providing a one sheet weekly overview titled “Daily Log”. This is something that was presented to me along time ago that really helped maintain focus. For me it was one day at a time up to one week maximum. So working through my day and making a general plan for the next gave me something to look forward to, was greatly helpful and kept me on track.

So whatever your set activities are for the week ie: job/ work, visiting friends/ family, going to the grocery store, maybe going to the gym, rehearsal.. whatever your daily or weekly activities maybe, map them out. This not only lets you look at what it is you have to do, it also shows you all of the free time that you have in between as well. That is the key. From all of the things that you’ve written down this week, what can you place in those times where you have open space?

This looks different for everyone. Take a look at the sheet and see how you can make it work for yourself. Maybe you want to start out planning one day at a time. Before you know it you’ll be doing two days at a time and eventually the whole week.

The key is to begin doing things differently than you did before. You’ve already contemplated great changes all week and taken action on some of them. What has been or is working right now that you can continue taking action on? What else may require you to prepare to take action on?

Make it look however you want it to. Do it your way. This is your recovery.

Love Life Today. THiS ReCoVeRY LiFE

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