At THiS ReCoVeRY LiFE, we truly believe that everyone has the ability to recover. We know from professional and personal experience that the willingness to be completely honest with yourself and the desire to take action towards change are key. Even the smallest steps can yield monumental results.  

Guidance and support are invaluable in navigating the unfamiliarity of a life without all of the destructive behaviors that you wish to leave behind.

Each and every one of us has a unique situation with a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Your program is uniquely composed around you, your needs, your wants and your integrity. Together, we will create a recovery plan that will not only remove the barriers to your wellness, but support you in creating the balance that you seek in your personal, family and professional life.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to work with Paul. – a Recoveree


You can work with This Recovery Life at any stage of your recovery, whether you’re active in your undesired behavior(s) or you have some time abstinent. Our services include, but are not limited to guide you to:

  • Reduce and/or Stop the use of alcohol, other drugs as well as any additional undesired behavior(s).
  • Eliminate barriers to your recovery
  • Explore and find the best pathways of your recovery
  • Navigate healthcare and social system(s)
  • Connect with Recovery Communities
  • Advocate for your recovery
  • Champion accountability
  • Cope with lapses in behavior(s)
  • Create and follow a wellness plan
  • Implement a relapse prevention plan
  • Flow with the process that is your recovery

We can also provide accompaniment to life events, provide support for families and continue to follow your growth via periodic check-ins.

While doing so:

  • You expand your awareness, foster clarity and cultivate the groundwork for your foundation
  • You activate your strengths and fashion a plan; take supported action and build upon that foundation
  • You learn how to nurture yourself; explore unlimited potential, foster new norms and maintain your recovery

We call this the CAN method.

Change is never easy, regardless of the circumstances. When it comes to drugs and alcohol, the risks multiply. Conclusive research has shown that outcomes are more often desirable when expedited with the guidance and support of a coach:

    • Gain Clarity of Mind
    • Greatly Improved Health
    • Superior Self-Esteem
    • Increased Capacity and Productivity
    • Reclaim Loved One’s Trust
    • Facilitate Employment
    • Self Empowerment
    • Improved Relationships
    • Diminished Risk of Premature Death
  • And So Much More !

Finally, you can stop hiding from yourself, eliminate hangovers, stop putting yourself at risk, thrive and live the life you’ve always wanted!

Pleasant, professional, discrete and super helpful! – a Recoveree


We also work with families and friends who wish to support their loved ones through the challenging time of their transformation. Families are guided to learn how to be a positive, non-enabling part of the process while practicing self-care. This can make you a crucial component of your loved one’s recovery capital, an asset to the whole family.


pAUL aLVES is a certified trainer of the nationally acclaimed Recovery Coach Academy which was created by The Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery, CCAR. The “RCA” is an intensive five day training that will provide you with a better understanding of recovery and the skills needed to guide someone in achieving and maintaining their desired recovery.  People with a history of addiction as well as “allies” of recovery who would like to learn more about guiding their community and loved ones are best fit for this role.

This Recovery Life can work together with people in your community to create a culture of recovery, better supporting and advocating for those in need while increasing recovery capital. It can also be the start of a new, incredibly rewarding professional path. Recovery coaches are increasingly being employed throughout the country in emergency rooms, outpatient programs, drug courts, hospitals, recovery centers, schools, universities and on and on. You can read more about becoming a recovery coach here.


Have you recently become a Recovery Coach and would like support and guidance in order to become the Coach you always wanted to be? Do you need Supervision from a Peer Professional in order to get Certified in your state? This Recovery Life can guide you in solving the challenges you face on a day to day basis when working with Recoverees. Learning to “manage up” within agencies can also make all the difference in working towards positive outcomes for your Recoverees as well as productive ones for yourself.

Are you an agency that has recently hired coaches or mentors? Peer Supervision for your coaches could be the solution to providing the best quality care possible for the participants in your program. It may also be a requirement for appropriate billing in your state. If a Peer Recovery Program is what your agency is seeking, we can help you fashion, build and implement the program you envision. This Recovery Life can provide all of the Professional Peer Support you need.

References are available upon request.

Please email, call (860) 373-6738 or (413)272-8520 in order to have a powerful conversation about how YOU CAN live a Happier, Healthier life and spread it throughout your community.