Recovery Day Three

I always think of three in terms of baseball. One, two, three and you’re done. People say that good things come in groups of three. We’re here, so there must be something to it!

So what does this look like for you today?

Look around your home. Did you get rid of any extra substances? Is there any paraphernalia still in the house? Have you cleaned out your trash bins? You might already have done so, but if not go ahead and clean out the rest of what might be left until everything’s all gone.

Maybe the person who you contacted yesterday can come over and help you sort and clean things out. Don’t forget to look in your hiding places as well. Let your friend know.

So your friend can now possibly reinforce your decision support you and taking action. Taking a look at yourself in word can be quite cathartic, telling, beautiful and down right scary all at once. And the realization that this is part of what it takes is beginning to sit in.

This is possibly a good thing. The sooner we do so the sooner we can move on to the next phase or chapter of life. If we look at history, It only ends in one of two ways. Either we stop using alcohol and other drugs, or inevitably, the consequences catch up to us.

Not everyone makes it here so the fact that you did is quite miraculous in itself.

Are there people you feel may possibly be unhealthy in your life? How can you respectfully let them know of your healthy choices? What are some of the places you will start going to that will help support these new choices? Who are some of the people that will also support your healthy choices?

What are some of the activities that you’ve thought about doing or participating in in the past? This may be a good time to take a look at them. Who else may need to know about your new choices? What other materials on recovery have you reviewed? Support sites?

These are just a few potential points to think about as you plan out your map to success for this week.

Love Life Today. THiS ReCoVeRY LiFE.

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