Recovery Day Seven

Taking a look back at your week, what has it been like? What could you have done differently or what could you have done more? What might you have needed to do less of?

You’ve been taking care of doing things slightly differently than you normally did in the past right along side with taking care of yourself. I want to commend you on that.

It took me a long time and a whole lot of guidance before I realized that. In the past, what I thought was taking care of myself, was actually bringing me closer to death. Today we choose to live. Living life to the fullest has a whole other meaning than it ever did before.

What are the pieces that you’d like to continue putting in your daily log for this week? What pieces are still missing?

Would additional guidance from a professional be something that might get you past some barriers? Is there a medical situation that needs attention? How are you feeling mentally?

Again these are just a few things to contemplate as you continue your journey in recovery. You are encouraged to make a plan for the next few days ahead, possibly for the next week if you can.

Who are you calling? Who are you reaching out to? How are you taking care of yourself? What else do you need in order to move forward? And again, most importantly, why are you choosing recovery?

There are countless pathways to recovery. The most difficult one is on our own. I encourage you to find one that works for you and take your next step. Beautiful thing is, we’re are not alone.

Here’s to your next seven days of recovery. I salute you. Love life today. THiS ReCoVeRY LiFE.

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