Recovery Day Five

You’re up and having your glass of water. YOu might have gone for your walk or did some stretching when you got up. Great!

It’s been five days and you’re feeling good about your decisions.

What have been some of your obstacles? What was it like telling your friend(s) and possibly your family about your new choices? How has it been facing your local “ hang “?

We want to focus on adding positive, healthy activities and choices into our life, whatever they may be for you. This will leave less space and time for things that you may not be happy about later on. For example, if you get a sugar craving and eat an apple, you may not have space in your belly for the piece of cake next to it. If you’re spending time with someone who is a positive influence, you may be less likely to spend time with someone who may not be as positive on that day.

What are some of the activities that you used to enjoy and have not participated in a while? What are some of the hobbies you’ve always wanted to take up? Maybe you already have a few awesome activities that you really enjoy and just want to eliminate ones that have not brought you desirable outcomes. Who in your circle do you admire for the things that they do, the activities that they participate in and their attitude towards life? Would welcome you to join them?

I would encourage you to write all of this down. It will facilitate your processing these thoughts. You will get to see things written down as reality, as opposed to thought number four hundred thirty nine this minute. You could write two sentences or you could write two pages. It does not matter. By doing so you’re helping your brain do push-ups to help you get through whatever challenges you may have today.

What can you do today that would enrich your life, propel you forward and bring you incredible joy? Dig deep and get to the bottom of why it is that you want to do this? What is it you want to accomplish? Who can help you get there? Who do you want to be part of your journey? Is it a friend, family, a loved one…?

Write it down, make a call and get your shoes on. You might just have some fun!

Love life today. THiS ReCoVeRY LiFE.

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