How to Excuse Yourself to Win!

You’re working on getting your health together, so you have multiple doctor’s appointments to make. Do they take your insurance? Will you be able to get time off from work in order to make them? How are you getting there? Is there someone who is able to go with you in order to provide support? Maybe there is a procedure, which is more than emotionally and physically draining as it is, but now your family is asking about your plans for the Holidays and want to know by the weekend.

You’ve been working your buns off at your not so new job now so that you feel good about doing right by the people you work with, you’re finally making an honest living and at the end of the day it all pays off towards the greater good. The agency (that really doesn’t know squat about what it really takes to do your job, let alone what it means) that hired your agency is super wishy washy and constantly changing their demands (which you normally flow with) is unsurprisingly making additional changes and one of your co-workers just so happens to get another job and gives their two weeks notice.

You’re at home with your kids and all is swell. You made it on time to their play group even after the imaginary potty was on the rug in your family room. After lunch, they get to napping and your partner’s friend just happens to swing by when you were hoping to get some peace and do some of your own stuff around the house for a change. The kids wake up cranky, have a fit, fight with each other and then tell you they don’t love you. When your partner gets home, you realize that you forgot it was your night to make dinner and the chicken is frozen. Your partner had a grueling day at the office and is unhappy with you to say the least…

Not only do you have a ton of stuff going on, but now there are extra demands being put on you. The pressure is ON.

In a past life, all problems were answered at first sight. Escape equaled cure and I was a World Class Olympic Escape Artist. Top of my game! .. and I imagine you might have just been on my team at one time or another…

Of course, there are many different outcomes for the countless scenarios that we may find ourselves in. But when getting “worked up” or “overwhelmed” to the point of not being able to think straight, one of the best solutions at that moment is to simply remove yourself and change your environment for the time being.

Obviously, it might be easier said than done as some of us have a harder time letting go of things than others, but it won’t benefit anyone involved if we keep “chasing our tail” or “hitting our head against the wall”.

Ideally, you would catch yourself before getting to that point and excuse yourself from the situation and if you have to, letting the parties involved know that you will be back at a later time.

This is when going for a walk in your favorite park, calling your favorite aunt to see how she is doing, getting a snack or even taking a short rest if you find yourself physically tired. Sometimes its as simple as: “Did I eat today?”, “Am I getting emotional?” or “Did I get enough rest in the past day or two?”.

This is an extremely simple solution which most of us might say, “Duh, I know that”. The issue here is that knowing something and taking action on it are two completely different things.

Try it next time things start piling up. The worst that can happen is that you keep them from piling up at that moment. You will then have:

  1. a) the ability to take a few deep breaths and “walk it off”, decompressing as you go along.
  2. b) the opportunity to then address things without any added pressure.
  3. c) the ability to make a much clearer decision than you would have you not stepped away.
  4. d) a much more productive relationship with the people involved.
  5. e) acted in a manner that fosters healthy growth and self-esteem!

Upon returning, you’re very likely to not ever regret excusing yourself to step away from any situation that is getting “out of hand”. The scales have now tipped in a positive direction and its WiN WiN for YOU!
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