Excessive Behaviors: “I Don’t Have Any of Those..”

Excessive behaviors. “I don’t have any of those” is usually the first thing that would come out of the general public’s mouth. It’s no surprise that a prideful anyone would want to admit that to the next person. If you’re not obviously under the influence of whatever it might be, visibly overweight or bleeding, it’s likely that no one besides your partner or closest relative knows about it.

Maybe you do have that one coworker that covers up for you when you walk in late and hung-over. Maybe you tell yourself that it’s OK that you only have one dessert since you’re sugar is OK, but you haven’t even checked it today. You may be having “a glass” of wine to wind down at the end of the day, but you’re drinking the whole bottle more often than not. Maybe you only drink once a month, but when you do, you go all out and need two or three days to recover.

It’s possible that you told yourself that it was only once in awhile until it caught up to you. You got your last warning at work. You didn’t get that account you were hoping for. Your doctor says that you can’t continue like this any longer. You just got your second DWI and realized that it wasn’t the cop’s that were out to get you. Hopefully you didn’t wake up in the garage with your whole family still sleeping in the car and hopefully you didn’t wake up in the hospital after having a heart attack, or flipping your new car on the interstate.

There is always a reason beneath the reason that we do the things that we do. Besides coming from a long history of alcohol abuse and mental health, I never felt like I belonged. I started drinking and using substances not only because it was fun, but it made everything alright. There wasn’t a problem in the world while under the influence. Before I knew it, I was using to cope with whatever the issue was at hand. I had this steady buzz going on for years, until the last few found me sleeping on my kitchen floor four to five nights a week.

I found that, (problem:) despite the consequences, I continued using substances, food included, to cope with the challenges that life presented. Eventually, I was either going to die prematurely due to my lifestyle, or I was going to have to (solution:) learn to live a drug and alcohol free life in order to have a chance at the life that I always dreamed of.

There is a possibility that you might beautifully conceal the fact that you binge and then force yourself to throw up, drink until you pass out by yourself at home, sneak a few pills in at work or sleep with random strangers on the weekends. Thing is, you know your truth, and you can only get away with these behaviors for so long.
What has been the problem for you? If you’re still reading, I imagine your solution is near. If you feel this has been helpful to you, feel free to leave a comment below. If you find it can be helpful to someone you love, go ahead and share it. You never know who’s life you can help change. Love Life Today. THiS ReCoVeRY LiFE.

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  1. Jace

    High Five!

    I am a recovering sugar addict. One day at a time. Thank you, for sharing.


  2. Phillip Barone

    Very intriguing topic. …Wonder how living in a society that encourages excess contributes? Thank for sharing.